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Monsura is WaitingAfter an eye-opening night out with a friend, a sister must decide whether to save her sister, or save herself.

Everyone needs a Savior. Award-winning playwright David Johnston and acclaimed stage director Kevin Newbury bring you a short film comedy of sequins and redemption. Two aging showgirls, one giant moth, one helluva night in Bridgeport.

Director’s Statement

My film directorial debut draws on my considerable experience as an opera and theatre director. The film is inspired by the original Toho “Mothra” movies, combining the visual style and color palate of 1960’s Japanese horror films with the visceral, handmade veneer of amateur vaudeville performance. In the original Toho films, Mothra is an all-powerful Phoenix rising up from the ashes, inflicting violence only to save the “Two Tiny Beauties” from a life of imprisonment and forced showbiz. Our film is a loving homage to the original source material. While often funny, MONSURA IS WAITING is ultimately about redemption. Everybody needs a savior, whether it’s a God, the stage, or a giant mutated moth. The world of MONSURA IS WAITING was inspired by the off-kilter, color-saturated worlds of David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar and the music videos of the Swedish electronic duo The Knife. The entire New York City and Berlin-based creative team also has a great deal of experience in opera and theatre and, while making this film, I encouraged everyone to embrace our shared background. For me, the film feels like it was made by musicians and theatre artists — the ideal group of collaborators to chronicle a story about redemption through music, myth and sequins.

– Kevin Newbury

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